10409507_10152866419305963_7428023553894442077_nI started my blog because I am always getting questioned by friends and acquaintances: Where did you find that vintage necklace? Can you help me put together an outfit? Can you help me design my invitations? Your house looks great – can you help me with ideas for mine? You’re always running around to these great places – how do you find out about them?

Now about me. What inspires me? In a nutshell, I love to go, and see, and learn, and do. I thrive on visiting new places, meeting new people and making friends, acquiring new skills, and then writing about my adventures so that others can get inspired too.

Just like Christian in the film Clueless, I believe that it is my higher calling to make everything “beautiful and interesting.” I have been drawing and painting since I could pick up a crayon. Whenever my mother would receive new Avon books, I would pour through the books with longing for the day that I would be able to buy the cosmetics myself. However, I felt that the books were just “meh.” I didn’t think that they offered enough color choices, or that the books were organized correctly. So what did I do? I took it upon herself to rewrite and redesign the entire book for each campaign utilizing crayons, markers, pastels, oak tag paper and anything else I could get my hands on, including my mother’s lipstick. I guess that it’s no surprise that I started my career as a graphic designer. To this day, I am also a beauty product junkie.

Living in the NYC/NJ-metro area, I find that there is so much going on and I want to experience it all. NYC is definitely my playground. Festivals, art openings, museums, concerts, exhibits, street fairs, flea markets, shows (Broadway!!), shopping and of course, the Jersey Shore. Some of my favorite things to do are combing flea markets for amazing vintage treasures and going to Sandy Hook in the summer at dusk to photograph the wildlife and sunsets. I find that you can find anything to do around here from free, to cheap to expensive. You just have to pick your poison.

I fell in love with art and music from an early age. I’ve developed an encyclopedic knowledge of all useless trivia related to rock & roll music (especially the groupies and their stories), movies and pop culture. It’s no surprise that I have been either volunteering or working at exhibiting/performing arts venues and currently serve as a board member of the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie and wine oenophile (fancy word for wine aficionado). I love to try new restaurants during NYC’s Restaurant Week, visit Chelsea Market and attend wine and cocktail tastings. It’s so much fun to discover new favorites or just relish an oldie but a goodie. As far as I’m concerned, life is too short to eat bad food or drink cheap booze.

I have a soft spot for animals and volunteer at animal charities. You can always find me at Matilda the Algonqin cat’s Annual Party that benefits animal charities in the NYC area. If you don’t know about her, Google her. She’s fabulous.

In the meantime, please enjoy my blog. I love to hear from people, so please feel free to comment and (shameless plug) please follow my blog and follow me on social media!

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